Designed specifically for CEO’s, Presidents, and Owners of Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The objective has always been the same: to help leaders expand their businesses by elevating themselves and key members of their teams to the next level. By defining Value, Vision, Strategy, Execution, and Structure for SMBs, executives will build healthier organizations.  We continue to refine and enhance our methodologies and tools to bring you the most current research results and help you put them to practice. For over two decades we have helped hundreds of executives from diverse industries.

Our Founder

Jerry Little, Founder and President, has spent over two decades working with executives and helping them grow their businesses. He has advised hundreds of peer groups and through his extensive life time of work created CEO Support Systems. The culmination of his experience is evidenced in the Blueprint for a Health Organization System®, CSS flagship program. Jerry has worked closely with an organizational psychologist to refine his methodology and the successful results of his clients prove his unique system works.

Although Jerry “retired” in 2009, he is still passionate about helping executives further develop leadership skills and build more valuable businesses. He continues to serve as an Advisor to the CSS team and brings his experience as a former business leader, business professor and investor to support all efforts.  Jerry knows business, he knows what success looks like and continues to share his knowledge with everyone who participates with CEO Support Systems in some way.




Jerry Little, Bill Dietrich, Taylor Hinton, Max Anhoury, Hope Hartman, Mike Hetrick, DuWayne Peterson