“…it has helped me to make the right decisions in my business…our sales are up 30% and our profits are up 50%.”

Robert D. Clark, CEO
IOTA Engineering Co.

“Many of the things we put into motion with CEO Support Systems have since become a reality. Growth plans we had only talked about have come to pass. They helped us turn a corner and establish a growth strategy that was pretty radical from where we were before.”

Dick Luebke, Jr., President
Pima Medical Institute

 “…provides me the blueprint and tools to construct, measure, balance and define my life goals and business purposes.”

Steven Weintraub, President
Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company


“Our company did not have an outside board of directors. So, CEO Support Systems CEO peer group was the next best thing. They did an excellent job of maintaining diversity within the group, which was great for bouncing ideas off each other. The answers weren’t predictable. The diversity led to a broader range of suggestions…”

Arvie A. Lake, Jr.
The Fryer Company


“…helping me stay focused on matters of importance to SHC that we never seem to have time for.”

Jerry Karches, President
Southwest Hazard Control

“The group sessions are a source of enlightenment and inspiration – as well as being just plain fun! Our work with CEO Support Systems has led to 10% compounded growth over the past 10 years – and we’re just getting started.”

Nancy Farina, President
California Design Center

“In working with CEO Support Systems, I learned how to make decisions that fit into the vision I had for myself and my company.”

Ross McCallister, President
McCallister Company

“We went through extensive exercises for establishing a clear purpose and vision for our company. It was a key cornerstone and building block that they helped lay into the foundation of our company. We grew significantly with their support.”

Roger Harwell, Parnter
GLHN Incorporated